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Cellercise® is a newer, much more efficient form of exercise recommended by hundreds of doctors, chiropractors, health professionals, and scientists worldwide. With just 10 minutes of exercise a day and 1 piece of equipment, Cellercise® can help you gain health benefits you never thought possible. And the best part is that it’s all scientifically sound – see for yourself in the journal excerpts below.

+ Cellercise® and Osteoprosis?
Cellercising creates a weight-bearing activity without the jar of typical exercise, so the bones are stimulated in their osteoblastic activity to utilize minerals to remodel as well as build bone density. We have many wonderful written testimonials from our customers who have had severe degenerative bone problems, and have been able to report remarkable benefits with Cellercise®.   See Reviews
+ New Tri-fold legs are not laying flat on the ground
+ Cellerciser® vs Rebounders
+ Cellercise® vs. typical Rebounders
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+ Cellerciser® vs Bellicon type bungee cords
+ Do the hinges compromise the strength?
+ Cellerciser® weight?
+ Cellerciser® Tri-fold or 1/2 fold, which is better?
+ Cellercise® dimensions and shipping weight
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+ Why is the balance bar loose?
+ Tri-fold Cellerciser® on Airplane
+ Cellercise® Balance Bar Assembly
+ Cellercise® – replacement parts
+ Cellercise® Is it weather resistant?
+ Cellercise® replacing a spring on the Cellerciser®?
+ Cellercise® re-attaching a spring to the leg?
+ Cellercise® extra parts
+ Cellercise® exercise for the back
+ Cellercise® exercise for losing weight
+ Cellercise® and Bladder Control
+ Cellercise® and headaches
+ Cellercise® and dizziness, vertigo and strokes
+ Cellercise® – Calf muscles are burning….
+ Cellercise® weight limits?
+ Cellercise® – how long after eating for exercise?
+ Cellercise® and pregnancy…
+ Can Cellercise® help prevent surgery for knee, hip or back problems?
+ Cellercise® and Cellulite…
+ Cellercise® and muscle building …Arms, et. al.
+ Cellercise® – barefoot or shoes??
+ Cellercise® and Children
+ Cellercise® – 10 minute routine?
+ Cellercise® and arthritic conditions?
+ Cellercise® – Heart Conditions and exercise


When you invest in a Cellerciser®, you become part of the Cellercise® family. We are available 9-5 M-F (mst) or by email at info@cellercise.com to answer your questions & to share the best exercises toward your fitness objectives.

ALERT: The Cellerciser® may increase strength, energy, performance and health. Use at your own benefit.

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